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The GravityMagnet Invention Factory seeks to promote natural scientific curiosity by supporting independent research and development, unfettered by the unspoken restrictions of Academia.

A note on site organization:

The GravityMagnet site is divided into TWO distinct sections:

  • Education
  • Research

While these two ideas are closely linked, we focus on them in slightly different ways. Under the 'Education' heading, you will find definitions of parts and theories which may be useful in understanding the projects presented on this site. The 'Education' heading also includes information about science demonstrations which are now available for scheduling. Seperate from the 'Education' heading is the 'Research' heading, which includes information on the current and past projects from the GravityMagnet Invention Factory itself. You will find images, schematics, suppliers, and anything else you might require to perform experiments of your own.

Safety Precautions

The GravityMagnet Invention Factory is not responsible for any injury or property damage that may occur as a result of the experiments and research presented on this site. Do NOT attempt any experiments for which you are unprepared or do not understand the possible consequences. Experimentation is dangerous and everyone does get hurt. Therefore, it is extremely important to follow safety precautions at all times in order to avoid serious injury or even death. Please email us if you have any questions regarding safety.

Always be cautious. Only do research in a safe and stable environment.

GravityMagnet Safety Precautions

Good Luck.

About the Invention Factory

A note from Miles Waldron, GravityMagnet creator and founder:

When I went through the 'higher' education system, I studied science and engineering. I spent my youth learning to spit out formulas, speedily solve linear differential equations, and do other useless things. I was a good electrical engineering student: I read my textbooks, I drew my graphs, I solved my problems, and I memorized the things I was supposed to memorize. Eventually, I even learned how to make good grades on tests. I was absolutely convinced that this rite of passage would lead me to a good job. Sadly, the result of all this time and work was a simple framed sheet of paper to hang on my wall.

How has this paper actually been used? Smeared with glue, my diploma is holding up equipment in my own lab, the place where the real education takes place. Academic learning is incomplete: it is myopic and lacking. The educations system seems to have things backwards. It is necessary for you to experience something for yourself befor you can even begin to work out the theory of the thing.

Our current education system does not strive to interest students in science, nor does it allow them to ask questions. Academic theory is excellent, but all the theory in the world is useless if we don't use it. Theory is only the potential for application. Application is the goal, not the theory. It wasn't until I discovered the Tesla Coil that I started to understand what was missing in my education and how I could go about fixing it. The Tesla 'fever' took me like it has taken so many others before. I had to find a forum where I could connect with other independent researchers to share valuable information. From this spark of inspiration, GravityMagnet was born.

GravityMagnet Invention Factory is an independent RAND alliance where people are inspired to do their own research, to ask their own questions, find their own answers, and to communicate those findings with others. Our intentions is to provide a community for an ever-growing base of independent science researchers. We encourage the investigation of novel ideas and the application of new technologies. We strive for broader scientific participation, and we always welcome your input.

We hope that you will enjoy everything we have to show and to tell, and that you, in turn, will be inspired to become involved.

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